Friday, September 3, 2010

How to Market Your Fundraiser for Little to No Money

You have your fundraiser all planned but don’t have a lot of money to market it. Did you know you had options that will not cost your fundraising organization any money?

Follow these simple tips, and your fundraiser will be a success-whether you are counting your pennies or not.

Social Networking: 

Set up a Facebook Fan Page linked to Twitter for your Fundraising group. This is easy and free! These accounts allow you to post on town and city pages announcing your fundraising event. You can also ask your friends to share their link!


Blogs are free to create and will help you get the word out. Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad – they are there for your use. Simply set up an account and start typing! These blogs will show up in google searches on the World Wide Web. It also gives you access to hit the share button to your Facebook and other social network sites.

Be sure to include photos, dates, and useful links.

Community Newsletters:

Never underestimate the power of a town newsletter! If it is a school event, make sure it gets into the principals newsletter. Contact your local library to see if they have a newsletter.

Local Papers:

Contact your local paper. Perhaps they could send out a photographer of your fundraising kick off. If not, make sure it is posted in their free classified section.

You have to play your cards right, though, and come up with a story that will really interest the public.

Craig’s List:

Craig’s List has a free classified section for events. Use it!

Remember - a fundraiser is only as successful as you make it.  Boston Masspass gives you the tools you need!  Have a successful fundraising event by using these tips.

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Happy Fundraising!

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