Monday, August 23, 2010

Boston Masspass Provides Free Advertisement!

Boston Masspass is a discount program that serves non-profit organizations and our local schools by assisting them in raising needed funds while helping local merchants increase their business. This program will allow you to advertise your business at NO COST, while helping these groups raise money. It is definitely a win-win

We Invite You To Be A Part Of The Boston Masspass Book.

This is a results oriented program. The participating Masspass merchants are here to say, “we will help” when groups decide to take an active role in raising the needed funds to better our community. By placing an offer in the Masspass book, you are not only helping the community but you are also helping yourself. Your advertisement in the book will bring new customers to your door.

Masspass strives to: 
  • Increase the frequency in which people make purchases
  • Encourage people to try new businesses
  • Enable people to buy more expensive items
  • Encourage people to return to your business
  • Increase business traffic and word of mouth advertising

 Here is how it works:

FREE- There is no charge to participate. Masspass will develop and lay out your advertisement. Simply supply us with your logo and offer(s).

Supply an offer that will help groups raise money and drive traffic through your door. Since you are not spending money to run this advertisement, make this a great offer, like “buy one get one free” or “50% off.”


 Masspass will distribute THOUSANDS of books through schools, churches, daycares, athletic clubs, youth groups, dance companies and non-profit organizations as a fundraiser.

Masspass is an annual publication. There is no lengthy or rollover contract, just your promise to welcome your new customers until the offer expires.

Masspass has helped people for years with promoting their business while helping non-profit groups raise money. We look forward to working with you!


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