Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why Choose Boston Masspass?

Thousands of dollars in local savings!

Merchants include Restaurants, Quick Bites, Fun Stuff and Services
The quality of merchants in our book is unmatched by any of our competitors with offers from your favorite places and some that will be soon
Merchants in the book are located in the  Boston area. This means that the offers will be relevant to the person who purchases the book
Long shelf life. Once the books begin selling in August, they do not expire until the following December (that is almost 16 months to use it!)

Risk Free!

Books are provided on consignment
No initial, upfront investment
All unsold books are simply returned

High Profits!

The books sell for $20 each.
All profits are based on a sliding scale:
Books soldProfit earned
1 - 149$7 profit
150 – 274$8 profit
275 – 399$9 profit
400+$10 profit
When your organization refers another, sales may be combined to obtain a higher profit structure.

Great Support & Fast Results!

Boston Masspass will provide you with customized individual packets for your group, including order forms and envelopes
Masspass will even print customized letters outlining your sale.
Masspass will help with your kick-off and wrap-up. Most sales are complete in one month.
Masspass will work with your group to customize an incentive program.

Masspass delivers the books to you, and picks up unsold books at the end of your sale. Checks are made out to your organization and at the conclusion of your sale; one check is issued to Boston Masspass minus your profits
In these tough economic times, do people really need more magazine subscriptions, overpriced candles, wrapping paper, cookies and chocolate?  Or…are people more likely to buy something from your school or group that will REALLY SAVE THEM MONEY???

Email for more information!