Saturday, September 11, 2010

Whittier Tech Sports Boosters Kick Off Their Boston Masspass Fundraiser

The Whittier Tech Sports Boosters will kick off their 2010 -2011 season with sales of Boston Masspass coupon books from September 13th to September27th.  Whittier Athletes will be using this fund raiser to help pay for their sports banquets and letter jackets as well as any other unfunded needs that come up this school year.


“We are asking our 300 athletes to sell 5 books at a cost of $20 each over a two week period.” Said Booster president, Paul Buccos.
The athletes will keep 50% of the proceeds as well receiving prizes for individual and team sales totals to be awarded by the MassPass organization. This years coupon book has added 100 North shore businesses with $2,400 in savings, and also has South shore coupons with much more in savings opportunities.

Please support us when asked by the athletes if you can.

Or be sure to come see one of the exciting sporting events at Whittier Tech on the following dates.

  • 9-15-10 Soccer @ 3:45 Vs Cathrdral Wed.
  • 9-17-10 Volleyball @ 4:00 Vs PMA Fri.
  • 9-18-10 Football @ 10:30 Revere H.S. Sat.

The Boosters would like to thank the many individuals and businesses in the Merrimack Valley that contributed to the Super Bowl Ring Fund for last years football team.

You can contact Boston Masspass for sales if not asked by our Athletes @

Or contact Brett Bogart with Boston Masspass at 603-401-4571
This will be open to the entire school soon and I would like us to take the opening shot at this vital funding initiative. (We are currently at $ -25 in our Booster account)

There are 20,000 books currently available for the entire North Shore. 1500 are set aside for the WT Boosters.


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